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( Canarias)


4.7% ABV

A fresh beer with a balanced smooth taste, Dorada is enjoyed by discerning Canarian beer drinkers for everyday celebrations.
With a smooth and balanced taste between malt and hop, Dorada fits perfectly with the Canarian palate.





5.5% ABV

An intense beer drinking experience. Dorada Especial’s well-rounded full body and strong character provide 100% satisfaction for those who really know their beer.
A rounded beer flavour of hop and malt, with shades of fruit.





4.7% ABV

A smooth lager with a refreshingly clean taste. Perfect for drinking unaccompanied although a few tapas wouldn’t hurt.
Light beer with a smooth hint of malt. Flavour enhanced by hops on the palate, which slowly fade leaving a sensation of dry freshness.




0.5% ABV

An alcohol-free beer that tastes like real beer.
Our naturally controlled fermentation process makes Dorada Sin the only Sin beer with an authentic beer taste and a slight touch of caramel.

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