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The best ranges of beer barley, flavorous delicate hops and special beer yeast are selected for brewing this beer. Magnat has a delicate taste and flavour due to the special recipe and technology of the brewing. A glass of Magnat beer is sure to give an atmosphere of exquisiteness to any occasion. Before serving a bottle of Magnat has to be chilled till the word Obolon becomes visible on the bottle label.

Volume concentration of alcohol - 5,3%




It is deeply fermented beer with a nice hop bitterness and flavour. This beer is produced according to classical technology with lagering in cold. It is recommended to serve this beer chilled at temperature of +3...+5 C.

Volume concentration of alcohol - 5,2%





It is light beer with a nice malty taste and a slight well-matched bitterness. This beer will be a perfect addition to your favorite dish. It is the most popular beer brand among all produced by «Obolon».

Volume concentration of alcohol - 4,5%





It is high quality premium beer brewed of selected barley malt, flavorous hops and Jurassic artesinan well water.

Due to the special technology this beer has a wonderful taste and at the same time almost no alcohol.

Volume concentration of alcohol - 0,5%





LIt is one of the most popular dark beers. Porter is brewed of high quality dark and caramel malt, artesian water, flavorous hops and special beer yeast race. Due to its original recipe this beer has special dark colour, unique full malty taste and nice flavour.

Volume concentration of alcohol - 7%






It is highly stable beer with special freshness and saturation. It has a distinct taste and nice bitterness. In brewing of Obolon Premium rice is used beside traditional beer components. Due to its soft flavour and medium content of solids Obolon Premium is one of the most popular beers.

Volume concentration of alcohol - 5,2%




This is strong beer with harmonic composition of hop bitterness and flavour. Outside of traditional ingredients such as barley malt, hops and artesian water Obolon Strong contains maltose syrup. Due to it this beer has nice light flavour, is strong enough and at the same time has smaller content of carbohydrates. A glass of this beer will be appropriate in the cold period of the year.

Volume concentration of alcohol - 7,4%




It is dark beer. It has a nice sweetish flavour of caramel malt. It passes wonderfully to sweet and spicy dishes.

Volume concentration of alcohol - 5,3%




It is real Weizen Bier - unfiltered wheat beer of top fermentation, which has nice fruit and spicy flavour. It is beer created for special occasions, beer of a day off.

Volume concentration of alcohol - 5,0%




It is so called Weissbier. It is sweetish beer with slight bitterness and coriander relish, brewed with the addition of wheat malt. A glass of Obolon White is perfect to allay thirst in a hot summer day.

Volume concentration of alcohol - 5,0%

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