The Brewhaus Frings - Brewpub - 104 Lower Dent Street, Whangarei Ph 09 438 4664

     Frings Draught, Frings Eclipse, Frings Lager, Frings Old Ale, Frings Wheat Dreams


Sawmill Brewery - Brewpub - Leigh, Warkworth

     Crystal Wheat beer, Blade Pilsner, Leigh Pale Ale, Thornycroft Dark Ale, The "Doctor", 12Gauge



EPIC Brewing Company - Contract - 186 James Fletcher Drive, Otahuhu, Auckland, P.O.Box 39234, Auckland 2145

     Pale Ale, Lager y de temporada: Armageddon IPA, Mayhem, Epic Porter


Steam Brewing Company - Regional 186 James Fletcher Drive, Otahuhu, Auckland Ph 09 270 1890

     Blue Goose Lager, Buxom Blonde Wheat Beer, Classic Draught, Dark Star, Fuggles Best Bitter, Monks Habit Abbey Ale, Brewer’s Choice


Galbraith’s Alehouse - Brewpub - Mt Eden, Auckland

     Bob Hudson's Bitter, Bellringers Bitter, Grafton Porter, Bitter and Twisted, Bohemian Pilsner, Resurrection-Trappist-Style Ale, Munich Larger

Hallertau Brewbar & Restaurant - Micro - Riverhead, Auckland

    Luxe, Staterman, Copper Tart, Deception y las de temporada Bavarian Hefeweizen, German Bock, Manuka Saison, Marzenbier, The Stunt Man, Maximus Decimus Meridius, Munchen Pil

Shakespeare Tavern and Brewery - Brewpub - Auckland City

     Shakespeare Barraclough Lager, Shakespeare Bottoms Up, Shakespeare Draught, Shakespeare Falstaffs Real Ale, Shakespeare King Lear Old Ale, Shakespeare Lions Pride, Shakespeare Macbeths Red Ale, Shakespeare Old Gobbos Nice Weiss, Shakespeare Pistols Old Soldier, Shakespeare Pucks Fundemental, Shakespeare Pucks Pixil(l)ation, Shakespeare Regans Raspberry Weiss, Shakespeare Shylocks Light, Shakespeare Summers Day Bohemian Lager, Shakespeare Willpower Stout

Independent Liquor - National - 35 Hunua Road, Papakura, Auckland Ph 09 298 3000

     New Zealand Lager, Ranfurly Draught

Waiheke Island Brewery - Micro - Waiheke Island

     Baroona Original Pale Ale, Wharfrd Wheat Beer, Matiatia Malt Beer, Onetangi Dark Ale, Hauraki Gulf Ginger


DB Breweries - Waitemata Brewery - National - Cnr Bairds & Great South Roads, Otahuhu, Auckland Ph 09 276 3875

     Berry Hopper, Bruer, Bulls Eye, Citrus Hopper, DB Bitter, DB Black Draught , DB Double Brown , DB Draught , DB Export 33, DB, Export Dry, DB Export Gold, DB Export Super Dry , DB Mako Light Special Bitter Beer , DB Natural, DB Natural Light, DB Vita Stout, Flame Beer, Henry Waggstaffs Special Brew, Mangatainoka Dark, Milford Draught , Peach Hopper, Raro Lager, Southern Gold Lager, Tui East India Pale Ale

Lion Breweries - National - 111 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland Ph 09 377 8840

     Lion Ice Lager, Lion Light Ice, Lion Pils, Lion Red, Mash Citrus Lager, Mash Energy Lager, Mash Golden Lager, Oranjeboom Light (2.5%), Otago Draught, Rheineck, Southern Draught, Steinlager, Steinlager Premium Light, Steinlager Pure, Tasman Bitter (New Zealand), Waikato Draught

Saratoga Estate - Micro - Waiheke Island


The Loaded Hog

Hog Gold Lager, Hog Draft Beer, Hog Dark Ale, Hog Wheat Beer


Brewers Bar - Brewpub - Mt Maunganui

     Brewers German Style Weisse Bier, Brewers Larrys London Pride,  Brewers Munchner Helles Bier, Brewers Oscars Oatmeal Stout,  Brewers Premium Draught, Brewers Premium Lager, Brewers Premium Old Dark, Brewers Premium Pilsner, Brewers Premium Shaggy Ale, Brewers Terminator

Kiwi Breweries - Micro - Morrinsville

     Kiwi Lager,

The Croucher Brewing Company - Micro - 49 Depot St, Rotorua Ph 07 332 2711

     Pale Ale, The Hef, Bohemian Pilsner.


Aotearoa Breweries - Micro - 57 Onslow Street, Kawerau Ph 07 323 8370

     Aotearoa Mata Artesian, Aotearoa Mata Feijoa, Aotearoa Mata Manuka


Waipa Brewery - Brewpub - Rotorua

     Waipa Dark, Waipa Draught, Waipa Kiwi Head, Waipa Pilsner, Waipa premium Bitter, Waipa premium Welsh Ale

Rogue Brewery - Micro - Taupo



Sunshine Brewery - Micro - 109 Disraeli Street, Gisborne Ph 06 867 7777

     Sunshine Gisborne Gold, Sunshine Reserve Ale, Sunshine Black Magic, Sunshine Moonshine, Sunshine Xtra Gold

Roosters Brew House - Brewpub - 1470 Omahu Road, Hastings Ph 06 879 4127

     Roosters Brew House Black Cockerels Stout , Roosters Brew House Dark Ale, Roosters Brew House Draught,  Roosters Brew House Golden Wheat, Roosters Brew House Haymaker,  Roosters Brew House IPA,  Roosters Brew House Lager

Hawkes Bay Independent Brewery - Regional - 42 Holden Street, Onekawa, Napier Ph 06 843 3719

     Pure Draught, Pure Lager, Black Duck Superior Dark Ale, Special Reserve, Force Premium Lager, Force premium Draught, Genuine Mates Draught,

Limburgs Brewing Company -

     Hopsmakers, Witbier, Czechmate, Porter, Oude Reserve, IPA

Alchemy Beverages - Gisborne

       Alchemy First Knight Ambrosia, Alchemy First Knight Honey Wine  



White Cliffs Brewing Co - Micro - Main Road North (S.H. 3), Urenui, Taranaki Ph 06 752 3676

     White Cliffs Mikes Mild Ale, White Cliffs Mountain Lager

Shamrock Brewing Company - Brewpub - Palmerston North

   Shamrock Dark, Shamrock Draught, Shamrock Lager, Shamrock Stout, Shamrock Strong Bitter

DB Breweries - Tui Brewery - National - Main Road, Mangatainoka, Pahiatua Ph 06 376 7549

Waituna Brewing Company - Contract - Manawatu

     Waituna Taa Kawa,

Martinborough Beer And Ales

     Martin´s Lager, The Square Ale, Tora Dark, White Rock Wheat



Tuatara Brewing Co - Micro - 183 Akatarawa Rd, Waikanae Ph 04 293 3351

   Tuatara Ale ,  Tuatara Ardennes, Tuatara Belgian Ale, Tuatara ESB, Tuatara Hefe,  Tuatara Indian Pale Ale, Tuatara London Porter, Tuatara Pilsner, Tuatara Woodwards Reserve, Tuatara X-Ale

Island Bay Brewing - Contract - 6 Medway Street, Island Bay, Wellington Ph 04 939 8253

Macs / Shed 22 / Wellington Brewing Co - Brewpub - 4 Taranaki Street, Wellington Ph 04 802 1956

    Wellington Arkell Best Bitter, Wellington County Ale, Wellington Special Pale Ale, Wellington Trailhead Lager, Wellington Iron Duke Strong Ale, Wellington Imperial Stout



Renaissance Brewing - Brewpub1 Dodson Street, Blenheim Ph 03 579 3400

     Pale Ale, American Pale Ale, Scotch Ale, Porter Ale

Pink Elephant Brewery - Micro - Blenheim

   Pink Elephant Golden Tusk, Pink Elephant Imperious Rushin Stowt, Pink Elephant Mammoth, Pink Elephant Mothers Bruin Honey Beer, Pink Elephant Pachyderm, Pink Elephant PDA, Pink Elephant Strong Pale Ale, Pink Elephant Trumpet Barley Wine

The Moa Brewing Company - Micro - Jacksons Road, RD3, Blenheim Ph 03

     5 Hops Winter Ale, Blac, Harvest, Original

666 Brewing Co - Contract - Blenheim

     666 Brewing Gabriel



Founders Organic Brewery - Brewpub - Founders Historic Park, 87 Atawhai Drive, Nelson Ph 03 548 4638

     Red Head, Tall Blonde, Long Black, Generation Ale, Fair maiden Ale, Inn Cider

Tasman Brewery - Micro - 53 Beach Road, Nelson Ph 03 544 8675

Lighthouse Brewery - Micro - 21 Echodale Place, Stoke Ph 03 547 0983

    Lighthouse Lager, Beacon IPA, Race Rocks Amber, Lighthouse Keepers Stout

The Mussel Inn - Brewpub - Onekaka, Golden Bay Ph 03 525 9241

     Mussel Inn Bitter Ass, Mussel Inn Apple Roughy, Mussel Inn Bison Weizen, Mussel Inn Black Sheep, Mussel Inn Captain Cooker manuka Beer, Mussel Inn Dark Horse, Mussel Inn Easter Bunny, Mussel Inn General Swinelager, Mussel Inn Golden Goose, Mussel Inn Heat Rash, Mussel Inn Lambagreeny, Mussel Inn Lean Lamb, Mussel Inn March Hare, Mussel Inn monkey Puzzle, Mussel Inn Pale Whale Ale, Mussel Inn Red Deer, Mussel Inn Red Herring, Mussel Inn Strong Ox, Mussel Inn Weka, Mussel Inn Whisky Kiss, Mussel Inn White Heron

Nelson Bays Brewery - Micro - Tahunanui, Nelson

     Nelson Bays Amadeus Premium Pilsner, Nelson Bays Bengal Bitter, Nelson Bays Dark Ale, Nelson Bays Draught Ale, Nelson Bays Exclamator Doppelbock, Nelson Bays Gold Lager, Nelson Bays Harleys Premium Ale, Nelson Bays Homestead Cider

Monkey Wizard - Brewpub - Riwaka

Golden Bear Brewing Co - Brewpub - Mapua

     Golden Bear ITIOS


McCashins Brewery

     Mac´s Gold, Hop Rockers Pilsener, Sassy Red, Great White, Black Mac, Spring Tide, Sun Dance, Mac´s Light, Ginger Beer, Green Apple 



West Coast Brewing - Micro - 10 Lyndhurst Street, Wesport Ph 03 789 6253

     West Coast Draught, West Coast Black, West Coast Gold, West Coast Lager

Monteith’s Brewing Company - National - Cnr Turamaha & Herbert Streets, Greymouth Ph 03 768 4149

     Summer Ale, Doppelbock, Winter Ale, Tripel Beer, Baltic porter y las de temporadaBock bier, Doppelbock bier, porter dark Ale, Saison biere, Dortmunder Bier, Kristall Weizen Bier, Oud bruin Bier, Winter Ale

Miners Brewery



Brew Moon Brewing Co - Brewpub - 150 Ashworth Road, Amberley, North Canterbury Ph 03 314 8030

      Brew Moon Amberley Pale Ale, Brew Moon Broomfield Brown Ale, Brew Moon Dark Side Stout, Brew Moon Hophead IPA  

Matson’s Brewery - Micro - 6 Tenhuan, Sockburn, Christchurch Ph 03 341 3229

     Gold Label Lager, Classic Draught, XL draught, Black, Pilsner, Silver fern

Dux de Lux Brewery - Brewpub - Arts Centre, cnr Hereford & Montreal Streets, Christchurch Ph 03 366 6916

     Alpine Ale, Ginger tom, Herefort Bitter, Dux Lager

Harrington’s Breweries - Micro - 199 Ferry Road, Christchurch Ph 03 366 6323

     Heritage Lager, Heritage Draught, Heritage Dark, Harry´s Light, Sobering Thourgh, Big John, Belgium Tempest, Dopplebock, Kiwi Draught, Finest Lager, Monsoon Lager, Razor Back, Ngahere Gold, The Rogue Hop, Clydesdale Stout, Wobbly Boot, Classy Red, Winter Tide, Cloudy Wheat, SID Draught, Lazy Sunday.

Kaiapoi Brewing Co - Micro - 9a Peraki Street, Kaiapoi

     Kaiapoi Draught, Kaiapoi Finnegans Dark Ale

The Twisted Hop - Brewpub - 6 Poplar Street, Christchurch Ph 03 962 3688

     Golding Bitter, Challenger, Twisted Ankle,

Wigram Brewing Co - Micro - 34 Sonter Rd, Unit 1, Christchurch Ph 03 343 4493

     Dakota Dark, Hefe Weizen, Munchner Dunkel, Bristol Best Bitter, Harvard Honey Ale, Bavarian Pilsner, Vienna Lager, Spruce Beer

Three Boys Brewery - Micro - Woolston Mews, Christchurch Ph 03 384 6140

     Three Boys Wheat, Three Boys Pils, Three Boys Porter, Three Boys IPA

DB Breweries - Mainland Brewery - National - Sheffield Street, Washdyke, Timaru Ph 03 688 2059

Lion Breweries - Canterbury Brewery - National - 36 St Asaph Street, Christchurch Ph 03 379 4940

     Lion Red



The Emerson Brewing Company - Micro - 14 Wickliffe Street, Dunedin Ph 03 477 1812

     Weissbier, Bookbinder, Oatmeal Stout, Maris Gold, Old 95, Pilsner, London Porter, Indian Pale Ale, y las de temporada Taieri George y American Pale Ale

McDuff’s Brewery - Micro - Dunedin

Meenans Wines & Spirits - Micro - Dunedin

     MWS Best Bitter, MWS lager, MWS Strong Ale

Speights Brewery - National - 200 Rattray Street, Dunedin Ph 03 477 9480

     Speight's Gold Medal Ale, Speight's Pilsener, Speight's Pale Ale, Speight's Distinction Ale, Speight's Porter, Speight's Summer Harvest, Speight's Old Dark

Green Man Brewery - Micro - 9 Grange St, Dunedin Ph 03 477 7755

     Green Man Best Bitter, Green Man Celt, Green Man Dark Mild, Green Man Enrico´s Cure, Green Man Keller, Green Man Lager, Green Man Premium Pils, Green Man Radier, Green Man Stout, Green Man Strong, Green Man Wheat Beer, Green Man Whisky Bock

Wanaka Beerworks - Micro - Wanaka

     Wanaka Brewski, Wanaka Cardrona Gols, Wanaka Hefeweizen, Wanaka Spitfire Pale Ale, Wanaka Tall Black, Wanaka Vienna

Dux de Lux - Brewpub - 14 Church Street, Queenstown Ph 03 442 9688

       Alpine Ale, Ginger tom, Herefort Bitter, Dux Lager

Invercargill Brewery - Micro - 8 Wood Street, Invercargill Ph 03 214 5070

     Invercargill Alpine, Invercargill Biman, Invercargill Boysenbeery, Invercargill Brewery Special, Invercargill Cherry Spike, Invercargill Nallys Cider, Invercargill Pitch Black Real Stout, Invercargill Smokin Bishop, Invercargill Stanley Green, Invercargill WASP Golden Ale

Arrow Brewing Company - Brewpub - Arrowtown